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Tips for attracting brands to sponsor your Instagram photos

Les astuces pour attirer les marques à sponsoriser vos photos Instagram
You will certainly have noticed that the number of photos financed by renowned brands seems to be exploding on Instagram. Would you like your photo to be part of these sponsored photos? In that case, this should interest you.

A particularly lucrative market

A study recently showed that there are over 100,000 brand-sponsored photos on Instagram today. Still according to this same study, the product placement market in Instagram photos today amounts to almost a billion dollars. And of course, this amount is growing. An application has even been set up to efficiently calculate the amount to be paid to an influencer Instagrammer. We will take some examples from the stars: to sponsor a photo of Selena Gomez , who is considered to be the leader of Instagram with 127 million subscribers, a brand will have to pay between 190,000 and 317,000 dollars. Another example: Zinedine Zidane has 14 million subscribers. To have a product appear in one of its photos will cost a brand around $21,000 to $36,000.

Inflate your statistics and register on an Instagram partnership platform

You certainly know that if you want to be sponsored by brands on Instagram, you must first have a fairly large number of followers. Once you have fulfilled this essential criterion ‚Äď namely having a high engagement rate as well as a real editorial line ‚Äď you can hope to interest brands and thus monetize your account. Nothing prevents you from inflating the statistics a little by opting for the purchase of followers .
Don't forget to put your email address visible in your bio so they can come to you. If so, you can reach out to them by signing up on an Instagram partnership platform like Influence4brands .

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poumel calendar_today

bonjour, j’aimerai beaucoup me lancer à faire des partenariats avec des marques je voudrais avoir plus de conseils merci.

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