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How to get more likes on Instagram | The Ultimate Guide

Comment avoir plus de J'aime sur Instagram | Le Guide Ultime

Instagram has 800 million monthly users, 95 million photos and… almost 4.2 billion daily “likes”. Among them: your photos, but few people see them and it's unfair!

We're not going to hide it, the game of Instagram is to collect as many "likes" as possible, and that's why you find yourself reading this article! Here in 10 lessons how to get more ❤❤❤!

N ° 1 – Do not deprive yourself! 🎉

This may be a rule that seems obvious, but if you do not put your account in “public” mode, all the rest of this article will be useless!

To do this, go to the small gear on your profile, and deactivate the private account.

It's good ? So let's go !


 # 2 – Content is King 👑

And yes ! Some types of photos interest you more than others, starting with… photos of YOU! Yes, you, you. Show us your face, that of your friends, of your animals.

On average, you will get 35% more likes on photos of you alone or in a community. This advice also applies to the profile picture !

Try to stand out from others in your photos: do interesting, funny things, explore new places, share a unique moment... think as if your Instagram was the photo album of your life, good times are made to be shared!

Be careful not to leave too much empty space in your photos: a photo with several elements and a real setting are more likely to interest your audience.

Opt for colors that are colder than warm! It's a fact, images where red, orange and yellow are the most present are less appreciated than those with shades of blue or green. In addition, images that are too bright have 7 times fewer “likes” than so-called dark photos. Friends of bright colors, this is a warning...


No. 3 – No smoke without a filter. 🌅

It may seem simple, but for people to be interested in your photo and why not your profile, you need a good photo.

If a photo without editing remains very effective, Instagram offers us many tools to embellish your work, starting with the famous filters!
Since some recent updates, the application continues to surprise us and now has no less than 24 filters.

If you find that the photo seems too retouched, double tap on the filter to reduce the effect, the photo will appear more "natural".

Do not hesitate to test several filters to see which one enhances the photo as much as possible! If you ever have any doubts, here is a top 3 of the most popular filters in the world:

1 – Valencia
3 – Juno (the most popular in France)

In "Edit", some tools can also make your photo more attractive by adjusting the brightness, contrast, shadows... For the most retouching enthusiasts, I recommend certain applications such as Afterlight , Snapseed , Facetune or Typic .

Little tip: have editorial consistency, favor 2 or 3 filters maximum so that your photos have a real coherence between them, appropriate your favorite filters!

N °4 – I am a legend. 😎

What to put in your biography? This is a question that many of us ask ourselves.

Well, it's a mini business card, because you only have 150 characters! It's a two-word answer to who you are, and what you do.

Indicate your city, your passion, all sprinkled with emojis, if you feel like it. Feel free to skip lines.

Instagram leaves the opportunity to indicate a clickable link, use it to add the link of your blog / website, of a video that you like, and why not another of your photos that is starting to date ;)

And the description of the photos in all this? These famous captions that summarize a photo and can be so useful.

Be brief (250 characters before the text is cut off and you have to click on "next" to read the end of the caption, which often discourages users), explain this photo in a few words: where was it taken, in what honor? Quotes are also a great way to engage and even inspire your audience!

Interact with your audience! Ask a direct question to your subscribers, they will feel involved and the interaction will be all the easier! New hairstyle: what do you think? or Quiet Evening … any idea for a film to recommend?

 Finally, as for your biography, emojis can always embellish your publication or add a little more fun!

Of course, don't forget to insert the most relevant #hashtags for your photo.

Here is a list of the most popular hashtags to grab attention and get more likes on an Instagram photo:

1 - #Love

2 - #Instagood

3 - #photooftheday

4 - #fashion

5 - #beautiful

6 - #happy

7 - #cute

8 - #TBT (means "thursday throwback", it's a thematic hashtag that offers Thursday to share a memory)

9 - #Like4like (put this hashtag if you offer to like posts in return from those who like your photo)

10 - #FollowMe (basically: follow me, you won't regret)

🇬🇧 Cocorico! Here are the 10 most used hashtags in France: #Love, #Paris, #Sun, #Instagood, #France, #Summer, #Picoftheday, #Friends, #Girl, #Happy

We will come back to the use of hashtags in tip #7!

N °5 – Photo where are you? 🗽

If you are in a specific place, in a city, a country… let us know!

Before publishing your photo, indicate a place to be referenced on searches for the place you have just indicated. If your photo is popular, it will appear in popular posts, and if not, it will be a little lower in recent photos taken there. The opportunity to catch the eye of budding explorers!

⭐ 💪 I explain to you in point N ° 10 how to explode your chances of appearing in popular publications.

N °6 Have you seen the time!? ⌚

Because yes, to maximize your chances of seeing your photo explode in number of "likes", timing is a big part of it! Instagram experts all agree on this point, and I have summarized their explanations in a few sentences:

First of all, public enemy #1 are working hours. Avoid posting during the day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.! The best hours remain on weekdays between 8 and 9 am in the morning, then between 7 and 10 pm in the evening. Monday and Wednesday and Sunday evenings are the best times to share a photo. The lunch break between Monday and Friday is also a key moment because people often give themselves a little time to open Instagram before returning to work / school.

The worst time of day to post is between 3 and 4 p.m., too bad for a snack!

Another little advice and not the least: post REGULARLY ! Try to post every day or every week, it's one of the keys to gaining subscribers. If someone subscribes to you, it's to have access to content, and not one photo per year with the same Christmas turkey or the same dog, even if there's no doubt that he's super cute. Once again, a varied content, in regularity.

N°7 – Hashtags, quite an art! 🎨

Aaaah the hashtag, this keyword If you want to reach as many people as possible before publishing your photos, the hashtag is your friend! As said above, your caption can contain a few hashtags to summarize your photo, and that people who look at it recognize themselves through it. For example, if you are traveling to Orléans, indicate #Orléans or even #VilleDeFou and #OrléansMaVie… more seriously, here are some typical examples that will help you understand how to use # like a chef!

Note : prefer English words, which affect many more people in the world, and even French speakers;)

🍔 When you eat (depending on the meal): #instafood #delicious #foodie #yummy #healthy #sweet #breakfast #coffee #lunch #dinner

🌱 In nature: #nature #naturelovers #ocean #mountain #flower #forest #hiking #travel #holiday

⚽ When you play sports: #sports #sport #active #fit #fitness #football #soccer #basketball #exercise #ball #gametime #workout #game #games #training

🎉 In the evening: #love #friends #music #fun #happy #night #girls #awesome #dj #cute #birthday #friend #dance # #fashion #chill #goodtime #funny #amazing #besties

But we have the ultimate trick! Seeing dozens of hashtags in your description is not very nice and it can give an image of someone who is craving attention and likes on their photos. To avoid this, there is a technique: that of putting lots of hashtags (30 maximum) in comments instantly after the photo is posted. Your photo will therefore be well referenced and will be more likely to collect likes in the hours to follow. After 24 hours, the photo will be less viral because overtaken by photos with the same hashtags as you, it's up to you to delete the comment full of hashtags or not! In any case, it will no longer be effective from this stage 😀

N °8 - On your marks, get set … interact! 🙊

Instagram is a SOCIAL network! So we socialize, damn it. Like photos that interest you, comment, share, follow, tag (with the little @). It's certainly an incredible tool, but be careful not to overdo it at the risk of annoying the people you communicate with! Measure your ability to like all the photos and ideally tag people you know in real life.


N ° 9 Conquering social networks 📣

For your photo to gain a little more virality, it is also possible to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Once your photo is chosen, you will find the possibility to choose between these 3 social networks to publish them, once you have connected the social networks with Instagram. It is also possible to share a slightly older photo by clicking on the 3 small dots at the top right of your photo, and clicking on “share”!


N ° 10 – The secret weapon of Influencers: 👢

The Social Pimp Automatic Likes Pack!!

Many artists and influencers use this technique to increase the virality of their posts and they are right.

How it works ?

As soon as you post on Instagram, you receive likes on your post within a minute!

Why is this madness?

The more “likes” a photo has, the more your followers tend to like it…

Getting likes almost immediately after your post explodes your chances of trending.

Thank you for reading this article ! 🙏

hoping that it will have helped you and that you will follow all my advice ;)

I will make sure this article is always up to date. If you liked this article, share it around you, with your friends and family… And if you want to discuss this with me, only one address: socialpimp. c o and appointment on the site chat!

César Bisnon I Social media expert | Founder of Social Pimp

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