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How to attract organic traffic to Youtube videos?

Comment attirer du trafic organique sur ses vidéos Youtube ?
  1. The title of your video matters!

Use an engaging title for your videos, like for a website or a blog, the title plays a central role in its virality. When you upload a video, you will be asked to add a custom title. This title is displayed next to the thumbnail or "Thumbnail". You must not leave the writing of this title to chance.

First, the title should reflect the core of your content. It is both dishonest and stupid to attract views by giving false information. You will be able to generate traffic but rarely monetize it. So don't take your visitors for idiots. Let's take a practical case: You need to make an 'About' video of a company. Instead of giving a vague title you will include the name of the company in the title. So the next time a YouTube user wants to know more about your company, your video could be in the first results of their search. Paying attention to the title of your video will already give you a completely natural view boost.

From an SEO point of view, keyword research is often very useful before choosing a title. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find the most typed keywords in your industry, and if that doesn't make your title too confusing why not incorporate them into your title?

  1. Write a blog!

Your YouTube video may receive organic traffic through searches. But there is another way to get more views, and all you need is a blog to implement it! Another use case: You create a video on 'How to find your phone when it's on vibrate'. You can create an article and post it on your blog. It's even better if you can optimize and promote it (Another article on this topic is on the way). The important thing is to integrate your video directly into your article. So the next time someone reads your written tutorial he/she can be redirected to your YouTube video. People prefer visual tutorials to written ones. In addition, a blog offers other monetization possibilities. You can therefore connect your YouTube channel to your blog and vice versa to always direct your viewers and readers to the content that will please them the most!

  1. Create your own thumbnails and improve your descriptions

There are many factors that attract users when they are on a YouTube search results page, and the thumbnail has a big role to play.

Personally, I wouldn't click on a video whose thumbnail doesn't look related to the content I expect from that video. That's why you need to create your custom thumbnails. You don't have to spend hours on the design, the best way is to take a screenshot of an important moment in your video and write a description on it. Something so simple has a huge impact on a user's behavior towards your video. Next, we have the video description, so often overlooked. The description is where you turn your viewers into customers.

This description should be keyword-dense like a mini blog post and should contain all the URLs of the sites you talk about in your video (with affiliate links of course...). That's not all, many YouTube users read the description before watching the video. So take care of your descriptions and the income and reputation of your channel will grow.

  1. Do not leave any social network aside!

Share your video everywhere! Do you think sharing your video on Facebook and Twitter makes you a recognized influencer? You are sadly mistaken on this point. A lot of feedback from people I've helped confirms that a YouTube channel can find unsuspected niches outside of Facebook and Twitter. Don't limit yourself to social networks either, forums like Reddit are excellent places for discussion and sharing. That being said, Facebook should focus most of your efforts. Facebook allows you to share your video in a personalized way to attract maximum engagement. For example, you can share a short version of your video and include a CTA (Call To Action) inviting Facebook users to follow your channel.

  1. Upload the transcript of your video

This tip will help you move up in YouTube search results. As you know, Google uses different algorithms to sort and rate videos. To do this, Google will "listen" to your videos, by listen I mean find out what your video is about and there is a good chance that your pronunciation is playing tricks on you. By uploading the transcript of your videos, Google only has to read and can easily understand what you are talking about.

  1. Pay attention to the length of your videos

Here is another way to appear in the first results of YouTube. The latter gives a lot of importance to the length of the videos offered. Still in the case of the video on how to find your phone on vibrate, if you upload a 20-minute video, no one will consider your video as a solution to the problem sought, neither YouTube nor its users. American researchers estimate the optimal length of a YouTube video at 3 minutes, to vary according to the theme of the video. If you're doing an in-depth review of the North Korea situation, 3 minutes may seem a bit light. But in most cases, your viewers will not forgive you for wasting their time!

  1. The key : the network

You need to create a YouTube network like you! Start with your friends or videographers in the same niche as you and start collective promotion! You can link your videos to theirs and vice versa. By creating this network, each actor will benefit from the notoriety of others and grow accordingly.

Together with attractive content you can attract many visitors to your channel. Remember that patience and determination are the key to success in this profession. Keep up the good work and grow your audience!

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